How To Increase Memory Power ? [8 Very Useful Tips]

Are You Forgot What You Read Last Day? Now A Day Every Age Person Have Memory Loss Problem. We All Are Forgot Most Of Our Reading, Face's Of People, Name Of People And Other Things. But Today I Am Give you best Solution for your Memory Loss problems. This Post Become Helpful For you to Increase Memory Power.

Why do some birds remember that they have hidden their food? Squirrel also knows that months before she had hidden the grains. But we have forgotten how we left the hour earlier. Many people complain that I do not remember. Even then, our ability to learn and remember new ones is great. So do not underestimate the power of our brain but take full advantage of it.

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The Ability of Our Brain

The human brain is about one and a half kilos. Bigger than our two handfuls. It contains 100 billion cells. One cell is connected to another one million cells. From this we can remember a lot of information. Many people can not remember the information at the right time, while others are reminded of some by giving up.

Consider the people of West Africa's Griots race. They are not educated. Nevertheless, they can remember names of at least six generations of their family. They can also remember the names of the father-grandfathers of other people in the village. American writer Alex Helen wrote a book named Routes About Griots Race. He also got a prize for that book. In book, he described how Griots family had a genealogy of up to six generations. Haley said that "I am grateful to the Griot people of Africa. I have learned a lot from them. I believe that when a Griots dies, there is a lot of information that can be buried. "

Consider Italy's Arturo Toscana. When he was 19 Years, he operated opera [music play]. Although he could not see the same, he gave direct attention to at least twenty different instruments. He could do all this because he remembered every note of the music.

We maybe surprised to see such a huge work alone. Many people can remember a lot more than they thought. Do you want to increase memory Power? If Yes Then Stay Reading This Article. First We Will Get Information About How Our Brain Work.

How Our Brain Work

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Our brain works this way : First it identifies the information, then remembers it and returns the information needed. If none of these three do the same thing, then we forget the information.

Memory is divided into three parts. First is the power to remember by the senses. It involves smelling, viewing, and touching. The second is, short memory [short term memory]. We can remember a little bit of information in this for a short time. Such as counting numbers, dialing telephone numbers, etc. Third, long memory [long term memory].

Long term memory means remembering any matter for a long time. What can you do To Increase Memory Power? Below are some Useful Tips To Same.

How To Increase Memory Power ?

If you want to improve and increase memory power then this 8 simple Steps will help you :

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Take interest : keep in mind why you are doing this when reading or learning from others. This will remind you of that topic. Think of what else it will do in your work, and what effect it will have on your life and what benefits it will be. This same principle have two benefits to students when they apply. One, it strengthens their relationship with God. Second, they can teach others about God in the best way. Keep Reading With Interest like you are watching your favourite TV Show.

Give Attention : the Mystery of the Mind Book states that "Whenever someone does not remember, it means that his attention is shaken. What can we do to pay attention? Take interest in that topic and take short notes when possible. You can pay attention by taking notes and remembering the information by reading it."

Get Understanding : the Bible says that "develop wisdom and a discernment of goodness." If you do not understand a particular source of information, it is obvious that it will not be remembered. How can we remember the information? Think about a mechanical student, He understands how the whole machine works. In this way he can also remember the exact information related to that machine. Similarly, if we fully understand any information, we will be able to remember the small things about it.

Divide it : Divide the information into different parts. For example, if you talk about food, vegetables, fruits, pulses etc. If you want to remember any information, then divide that information into five to seven parts. If you want to remember the phone number, divide it into two parts. Keep things listed according to the ABCD can also be well remembered. Some Short Tricks Will Also Helpful To Increase Memory Power.

Repeat It : loud reading can help you to remember words or any information that you read well. Why? Because when you reading loud, you can focus on those words. Secondly, you listen to what you say, in such a way that information or words will be printed twice in your mind. Third, when someone reads aloud it is better to hear someone else, so that they can improve your mistakes.

Imagine it : first draw a picture of what you want to remember in your mind. Then draw the picture on the paper. In this way you will also be able to make good use of different parts of your brain. In Short, you can remember more information just as much as you can with the brain. One Of The Best thing is that, 'We can imagine Anything'.

Attach information : always try to attach new information with old information which you already know. In this way old information will become a sign, with that sign you can remember new information too. For example, if one person have mark on their face or body and you know that person's name. Then attach that mark to that name. If you see this mark somewhere then you will remember the name of the person. In short, think a little more about the person, which you want to remember.

The book Searching for Memory states: "It is true that in our life can become mechanical. If we do not think about what happens every day, then we will not remember anything." It is essential that we consider things that are going on during the day. So we can remember many things, and learn a lot from the experiences.

Tell others : like water is absorbed in the soil, let the information deep into your mind. Teach others what you have learned. In This way you and your listener both get benefit. If you have a good experience, share it with others. In this way, this idea will get better in your mind and your friend will be encouraged by this. It has been found that this is the best way to remember.

So This 8 Simple Steps Will help you to increase memory power of your brain. By following this steps you can remember any information in your brain. also Checkout Latest Job Posts Here.

Try This Brain Booster Tips

Now you can remember any information without forgetting them. Also try this Brain Booster Tips and share your experiences with us in comment box. This Tips Also help you to increase memory power :

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  • By learning a new language or playing a vigilant, you can increase your memory power.

  • Pay attention to the necessary things.

  • You can try a way to remember by comparing information with pictures, stories or songs.

  • Drink enough water. If the body have less water then it will affect your brain.

  • Take enough rest. When we go to sleep, our brain store information.

  • Study peacefully without any tension. Tension produces some kind of liquid that affects the memory.

  • Stay Away from alcohol and smoking. Drinking alcohol makes the person very angry. it contains vitamin B and some other vitamin deficiency, which is very important for memory. Due to smoking, the amount of oxygen goes down to the person's brain, which is very important for memory.

Final Words

If you use your brain more and more it will definitely increase memory power. Brain memory is a skill, like other skills. You can improve that with some simple habits.

Hope this article helped you to get some useful tips about increasing brain memory power. Keep Connected with us for more this kind of articles. Also share this article with your friends and write your experiences in comment box.

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