English Grammar Mock Test For Binsachivaly  and Talati ,STI ,Gpsc, Dyso, gramsevak ,MPHW and Calss1-2-3

Why Give Mock Test ?

This test is also useful for Government exem's preparation and like Binsachivaly  and Talati ,STI ,Gpsc, Dyso, gramsevak ,MPHW and Calss1-2-3 and other Government exam

This Not Exam test but this  is a mock test  and mock test is very usefully for preparing your exam and Visst your preparation

Today Mock Test

Subject:- English Grammar
Topic:- Tens
Marks:- 10

1. We …. by 100 years.
A. will die
B. will be die
C. will have died
D. will be died

2. When Angelina ….. me, I was shooting with Daniel.
A. calling
B. was calling
C. was called
D. called

3. If Bianca hadn't argued, Raghubhai ….. the case.
A. would have lost
B. could lost
C. lost
D. will lose

4. The stars …. at night.
A. are shining
B. will shine
C. shine
D. shines

5. ….Nensi ever …. you ?
A. Is-beating
B. Has-beaten
C. Does-beats
D. Do-beat

6. Tom …. Jerry for 15 minutes.
A. is chasing
B. has chased
C. chases
D. has been chasing

7. The ship ….. , Robinson arrived on the Island.
A. has been broken
B. having broken
C. has broken
D. breaks

8. The sun is _ brightly

9.the letter has already __ . It must have reached by now
Been send
Been sent

10. I.........In Delhi last week

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